Hotel History
    In the early 1900's there were two houses on the road front of the property the motel is built on. The two houses were both owned by doctors and shared a livery in the back yard. The livery had an apartment above it and was rented to John Devlin. John married Anna Donovan and the two lived there and started a family. On September 7, 1922 Arthur Donavan Devlin was born in the apartment that John & Anna lived in. When Art was born it was a luxury to give birth in a hospital and more times than not people gave birth at home.  Anna worked as a nurse and contracted TB for a second time and died when Art was two. Sometime around 1925 the two Doctors both purchased Model T s and sold the livery to John Devlin.
    In the early '50s Art met and married Helen McCutcheon and the two continued living in the house that Art was born in. In December of 1953 Art and Helen moved from the second floor apartment to the main floor.  They then converted the upstairs apartment into two motel rooms.
    The motel was named Devlin’s Motel as Art was still competing as a ski jumper and any mention of his name would make him ineligible as an amateur. In 1960 Art made the Olympic team but stepped down due to injuries and gave up his spot to the next in line. By 1960 the motel had grown to twenty rooms and was renamed Art Devlin’s Olympic Motor Inn as Art was no longer competing and his amateur status was no longer an issue. On top of the new sign Art put the Olympic rings as a reminder of his Olympic years [1940-1960]. In 1962 the International Olympic Committee trademarked the Olympic rings making it illegal to use the rings without permission of the I.O.C. and because Art had the rings on the sign prior to 1962 he was grand fathered and the rings are still there to this day.

In 1966 Art was finally able to acquire the property on the north side that adjoined his property.  He added a building with 20 motel rooms and a restaurant for breakfast only.  This addition doubled the size of the motel and brought it up to 40 motel rooms.
    In 1982 a house was constructed on top of the building on the left as you drive in the yard. Art Jr. and his wife Sue moved into this house when they were married.  In 1987 Helen and Art moved into the apartment, and Art & Sue moved over to the main house and took over the day-to-day operations of the motel.  In 1989 Art’s wife Helen passed away and Art remained in the apartment until he passed away in April 2004.  When Helen died a close family friend had a blue spruce planted for Helen, as her favorite color was blue.  It sits on the front lawn as you check in.  After Art’s passing, another friend had a blue spruce planted for Art, as his favorite color was also blue.  This is why in the wintertime these trees are always decorated with blue lights. 
    On January 1, 1992 Art Jr. and Sue purchased the motel from Art Sr. and started a complete restoration of the property.  During this process, Art Sr. was a wealth of information on ideas that he had when doing it the first time around but couldn’t due to financial or technological reasons.  One example would be the gardens that separate the parking area from the rooms. The restoration project took 11 years and was completed on the motel’s 50th anniversary, December 2003.  Art passed away four months later on April 22, 2004.  Fortunately Art was able to see the property he started with two motel rooms completely restored before his passing.

    A few years after starting our restoration project Rolf Schulte came on board and our renovations took on a more European style with stucco walls and wood ceilings.  The euro style rooms were well received by our guests and were responsible for our going back to our original renovations and re-doing the first twenty rooms. Towards the completion of the re-renovations we upped our quality a notch and started making the wood ceilings out of cedar instead of pine. The trim, door, and window casings were also changed from pine to oak. In the bathrooms we have started replacing the original cultured marble sinks with granite and nicer tile. 

    From the beginning of our renovations our neighbor and friend Bill from across the street has encouraged us and helped us renovate the property without a general contractor. Where I was trying to re-do everything and make it new, Bill challenged me to bring in new ideas and keep up with the ever-changing times. Much of the appearance of the property today is a result of Bill’s efforts. Many of you who have stayed at our motel know Rebekah. She started as a chambermaid and painter in the off-season and worked her way up to her present position of general manager. After Art Seniors passing, Rebekah moved into the house that Art had been in since 1987 on the south side of the property. In the spring of '05 Rebekah married our neighbor Bill and they both lived in the south building house until November '08 when  reconstruction of the house began. In August 2010 when the house is scheduled to be completed Art Jr. & Sue will be moving into the new house.